Router Hacking Contests and More


This is an at-con capture the flag style contest where contestants will be pitted against 15+ off-the-shelf SOHO routers and IoT devices, hardened, but with known vulnerabilities. Contestants must identify weaknesses and exploit these devices to gain control. Pop as many as you can over the weekend to win cash and gift cards. Details


We encourage you to BYOT!

The Zero-Day track is focused on the discovery and demonstration of real exploits (i.e., 0-day vulnerabilities). This track relies on the judging of newly discovered, real attacks against embedded electronic devices. Details

This is an opportunity for contestants to bring in their own embedded electronic devices and demonstrate exploits to our panel. Contestants will need to provide proof that they disclosed the vulnerability to the vendor.


We've had successful contests at DEFCON, DerbyCon, BSidesDC, ToorCon, HopeX and more. If you have a venue where a contest might be appropriate, let us know. We are planning a variety of formats and new challenges, and we are always open to suggestions.
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